RBX Tots 

 (AGES 2 -4 year olds)

RBX Tots sessions are a perfect way to get your child  involved in tennis by teaching them:


Basic Agility,


Coordination, Speed

and Racket Skills

RBX Tots Timetable

Monday          9.30am-10am

Monday            3.30pm-4pm 

Wednesday   3.30pm-4pm

Thursday     9.30am-10am

Friday 4pm-4.30pm

Saturday  9am-9.30am

Sunday  8.30am-9am

RBX Tots Term Dates

16th September - 24th October, 2021

1st November - 19th December, 2021

3rd January - 13th February, 2022

21st February - 3rd April, 2022

18th April - 29th May, 2022

6th June - 17th July, 2022