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Red Ball Foundation

(Ages 5-8 years old)


Players will learn correct technique from the outset, starting with making sure players can correctly hit, control and receive the ball. This will also include correct movement patterns, starting to work the physical needs of a tennis player from an early age. Agility, Coordination, Balance and Speed will be key components to every session.

Red Academy

(Ages 5-8 years old)


Players will already have a basic shape on all shots and be able to rally with control. Players will start to learn the correct mechanics of each shot and start to link with movement patterns, as well as start to develop control over direction and height. Players will learn basic mental and tactical skills and learn how to use these skills in different situations in order to start to compete in matches.

RBX Red Timetable

Monday   4pm-5pm  RED STARTER 

Tuesday   4.30pm-5.30pm  RED CLUB 

Wednesday   4pm-5pm RED CLUB

Thursday   4.30pm-5.30pm  RED ACADEMY

Saturday  9.30am-10.15am   RED STARTER

Saturday  10.15am-11am     RED CLUB

Sunday  9am-9.45am    RED STARTER

Sunday   9.45am-10.30am    RED CLUB

RBX Red Term TImes

16th September - 24th October, 2021

1st November - 19th December, 2021

3rd January - 13th February, 2022

21st February - 3rd April, 2022

18th April - 29th May, 2022

6th June - 17th July, 2022

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