Green Academy

(Ages 9-10 years old)

Players will be able to move with correct footwork patterns, demonstrate strong technique and basic tactical knowledge based on what situation they are in in matchplay. Players will start to add more strength (bodyweight) work to their speed and agility training. Any technical flaws will be expected to be ‘ironed out’ in order for player to compete on full court yellow ball.

RBX Green Timetable

Thursday     5pm-6pm GREEN ACADEMY

Sunday   4pm-5pm GREEN ACADEMY

RBX Green Term Times

16th September - 24th October, 2021

1st November - 19th December, 2021

3rd January - 13th February, 2022

21st February - 3rd April, 2022

18th April - 29th May, 2022

6th June - 17th July, 2022

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