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Players will continue to use different skills in order to compete in matches. Emphasis will switch from technique to tactical, mental and physical. Technique will be applied to situations rather than generic shapes and knowledge of different game-styles will be practiced in order to learn more about their own game, as well as how to respond to other players game-styles.




Players will start to develop their own game-style based on their strengths and weaknesses. More work on being able to deal with the mental challenges of tennis, as well as the physical will continue and become more bespoke depending on players needs. Emphasis is on how to play rather than how to hit, with tactical being the key pillar for this period of development. Future goals will be discussed, ie Tour or University?




Emphasis will be on ‘how to win’. Players will be learning how to implement their game-style in order for them to win matches and will be developing their own strengths and learning how to neutralise any weaknesses. Players will be on a Strength and Conditioning programme and be competing as much as possible. Players will be focusing heavily on Mental and Physical training. Choices on future will be decided, ie Tour or American University?




Players will be competing on their respective circuits and focusing on current and future goals. Training will be high volume, high intensity, with everything being in place in order to win as many matches as possible. Players will continue to develop their physical and mental skills as well as understand what they need in order to keep rising up the rankings.

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